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55 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 50 - 60
Hello, dear friend! If you took the time to read my profile, it means that not only my appearance is important to you, but also my thoughts. My name is Olga, I was born and live in Moscow, Russia. I'm divorced. I have no children. I have worked for many years as a manager in various international corporations, but now I am a professional coach. I am very happy to help people in their career growth. I love my profession, but I dream of a happy family based on mutual love, respect and values. I am looking for a serious and stable relationship with a man who is looking for a life partner, friend and lover. From my side I am ready to share difficult and happy moments with a loved one. I am an active person, I like traveling, studying the history and culture of other nations, so I believe in a harmonious, mutually enriching union with a thinking, honest, caring man. These are difficult times in my country at the present, freedom of speech and freedom of thought have ceased to be a value, cruelty and obedience to the will of the state are cultivated in the country. It makes me very sad. I see my future in a free country where I will be helpful to people and remain true to my beliefs. Russia is now cut off from international payments, so I cannot upgrade my profile and, accordingly, be active member on the site. I speak English fluently and understand French well. If it seems attractive to you, welcome to contact me on Skype ofelia283 or write me on email lefortovo67@mail.ru Hope see you soon.
45 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 40 - 49
Guys, thank you for your attention, but I looking for a handsome man, in good shape, between 40-49 old. Please, don't use old photos! No pictures - no talk! Guys. And one more note. I prefer men with hair, not shaved and not bald. attention, please! Sex tourists - don't touch me. Fans of virtual novels and long correspondence - please pass by. I will not waste my time on empty talk. Fans undressing in the camera - pass by. Womanizers, collectors of women, lovers of water and playing with several women at the same time on this site and in life - please do not write to me. I will not communicate with you. Don't waste your time on this. \NI have to make an addition for those who don't know how or don't want to understand, so, point by point: 1. I am looking for a handsome man, this is a must. A man who takes care of himself and is in good shape. Men who are divorced and have children and live with them or take them permanently from their ex-wives. Sorry, I'm not your option. I love children, but I will not be a nanny or a housekeeper. I will not fulfill the duties of your ex-wife in excess of your children. I'm looking for a man, not a kindergarten. I am not a mental health center. If you want a relationship, please solve your problems in the former family without me. 3. For Men who are looking for girls over 25 years old, and themselves over the age of 45, please do not write to me. For me, this is an indicator of the level of your brain. All ages are submissive to love, but I prefer smart men :). 4. Men who like to play psychological swings, abuse, and gaslighting - please pass by. I am not your option. 5. Men who have bank loans for property or real estate and are looking for a partner to repay and problems at the expense of a partner, alimony debts, and other credit (financial) problems - please pass by. 6. Men who have had problems with the law or crime - please pass by. Thanks for understanding. 7. Sure. Every one of you is beautiful. Especially for your MoM. But I want a sexy, handsome, capable man. 8. If someone is not satisfied with my demands - pass BY, SILENTLY! Pour out your bile and uncommon justified to yourself personally. Thank you. 9. I'm not a supermodel. Of course. BUT I REPEAT - I RESPECT MYSELF AND I KNOW WHAT I WANT DO NOT WRITE INSULATES TO ME AND DO NOT GO TO THE LEVEL OF THE VILLAGE - BY THIS YOU SHOW YOUR LEVEL. AND OF COURSE, I WILL BLOCK YOU FROM THE BEGINNING and make a flag. 10. Adequate, beautiful, and smart - I will always be happy to talk. Best regards, see you :)
39 Moscow City, Moskva, Russia
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
INTJ-A / INTJ-T Greetings! You're on the international dating site! It's not your local dating site! In order to meet a woman you will have to fly to Russia! Or fly her to your city (which will cost you like hell). If that's understandable for you - please continue. For all others - God bless, please sign out asap! Otherwise you'll be curced by multiple girls at the same time! Beware 😂 IF YOU'RE ABLE TO MEET IN PERSON AFTER CORONA THEN TEXT ME AFTER CORONA! I don't need penpals! • If your first thought after reading this line "how am I gonna travel, I don't even know you" - DON'T TEXT ME! save your time. You won't know me online anyway • the only one way to "know me better" is to meet me in person.  • "While you keep wasting time, postponing the meeting, keep texting goodnights in the evenings... There will appear someone, who will offer to meet. And no matter how much I like you, I'm gonna choose reality, because most likely you send those goodnights also to other 15-20 of your nice girlfriends, and what's really going on in your private life i will never know". "One day somebody will be 100% honest with you, and will love you forever. Don't give up trying to find them, because they are looking for you too..." P.S. I'm here not for sending you more pics, teaching you English, Russian, Português or whatever, or giving you my other social media accounts, or being your guide in Russia)) please respect my time. And I'll respect yours) Please: - no camping! (Ever!) - no cold countries - no cats - no muslims, no arabs! You guys can't stand me eventually anyway, I promise) - I will NEVER be equal to anyone of you guys! I don't need one more woman around me 😂 • I expect you to take me as I am; don't try to change me, don't judge my thoughts and wishes, the way of living.  Spiritual side of my life is extremely important for me. You don't have to agree with everything, but  please be able to keep it to yourself. And I do the same --------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 🤦‍♀️ [And finally, every day updates in my blog!] So here we are, gentlemen. Next part of my profile is not "must read", so you better just skip it . Only if you're experiencing an extreme boredom, that's exactly for you!) I've been told that my profile is a bit rude. Truth hurts sometimes... But the truth is that you will never be hurt if you are not even close with those I describe! So here we go) EXPECTO PATRONUM! Lol)) How is that: I'm trying hard, I'm being nice I'm making time to talk to you, I'm ready to meet you like tomorrow... you: - Your first message: " hi do you have WhatsApp ?"... wtf??!! You can't even talk normal on this website! Is there any reason to give you my WhatsApp?? -- All your messages in WhatsApp after that: (literally ALL) "hey what u do" -- The day after: "hi"... End of story in WhatsApp...🤦‍♀️ omg! Do you ever know how to talk to a woman??? Or with a human person?) Or how to make a sentence? Punctuation marks maybe? Some more words? No? Why do you ask for WhatsApp if you have nothing to say?? So. Continue. That superhero gentleman looking for "a soulmate, a dream woman, and [my favorite part] a woman, who is a chef on the kitchen, a bitch in bed and princess outside " -- tadaaa!) I fell in love right after those "hey what u do!" )) lol After that -- my favorite game (usually played by US guys, don't know why btw): Your 3rd message "you should tell me the truth, tell me everything!" -- wtf??)) Who are you? What did you do for me to have the right to interfere into my life, my past, my emotions??🤦‍♀️ first at least make me trust you! -- Your next step in a few days [mmmm)) again, my favorite part]: while a simple conversation I mentioned something that you didn't know about me, something like my shoe size is 7, or that I like sushi... (By that time, it's been a week already since we've met, ofcourse I HAD to spell out all my 1000000years of my life to you, otherwise you wouldn't find a reason for conversation with me 🤦‍♀️) -- Here you say: "you lied to me! You had to tell me that from the beginning!!" 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ wtf!!😂😂😂 when exactly?) From that beginning which was a week ago??!!)) Seriously??!!)) -- how about that: I don't feel that I want to share everything with you, you need to earn that! - or what did you do for me to make me share the history of all my life with you??? (Choose the explanation that works for you)= Honey) you need to learn how to deal with information you have)) you need to ..just accept new info right when you get it, because no one's going to keep you updated every single second. Also you need to stop digging into someone else's life if you are bored with your own) or better just stop being miserable and go with the flow) enjoy the time with your woman!) And finally) I love so much that part where I just HAVE to think hard and choose every single word very carefully so not to hurt your feelings and the conversation becomes slow and odd... and then, while the video chat you see a nice painting on my wall (or the color of my tshirt, or the wind behind the window, choose the option you like more 😂) -- Guess what!)) That's what exactly becomes a reason for you "to get mad with no reason!")) Seriously??!!)) Do you really think that a good girl is going to chase you all your life and beg to stay??!! 😂And try to explain that it was a misunderstanding??!! In fact was your "misunderstandable" way to get a reaction from that girl)) so pathetic 🤦‍♀️ Sarcasm)) that's how I ended up🤦‍♀️ DISCLAIMER And now, for those who are still reading)) (nobody reads such a long texts anyway, so whatever))) The question "is there anything nice? Here? In this profile? In this girl? In this world? In the universe?"... Depends on your mood I guess. And your intentions. I'll be the nicest person in the world with you when you are genuinely nice with me. When you make me feel safe -- I can open up to you. When you show me your feelings about me -- make sure that you're ready for my endless love) When you give me everything I need -- you can be sure that you're my everything When you give me the reason to be proud of you - I will never leave your side. When you need someone to rely on - I always get your back But when I need you and you are not there for me... you will never see me again) .............................................................. Oh guys))) here comes another one UPDATE)) one more thing came up. You say to me: "you should be strong,  we should be equal"... I'm sorry, how strong exactly I should be? Like "The Rock" or a member of a  SWAT team? Or at least like a footballplayer? Should I carry 5 bags with the food from the store for you? How equal exactly? I should act like a man?? Look like a man??  Or even worse! OMG...Are you going to be like a woman??? Are you looking for a man?? Darling,  you are on the wrong website! I wear dresses and not gonna carry your bags) So get the hell out of my page!))) ---------------------------------------------------------- I'm so sorry guys) I just have to make another UPDATE...)) you guys just forcing me to do that with your messages lol You ask me a 100000000 times what do I really want. So eventually I just have no choice,  I just have to tell you my vision of MY!!! future! (It's nothing to do with you coz I know you for 5min!!) And after you realize that it doesn't fit you or you  can't afford to live the way which somehow I CAN afford!! you're like : "you want everything to be your own way! It's not fair, I'm an ALPHA MAN!" Haha you're a pussycat! A teddy bear maximum! Which could be very nice if you wouldn't try to make an alphamale of yourself! You look ridiculous trying! You need to remember one thing.  A real ALPHA don't have to say that he is alpha! Because everyone knows that even without knowing him personally! It's always obvious! Let's face the truth.  Not everyone is able to be an ALPHA. And I'm sure that if you know that you are not alphamale, highly unlikely that you will ever become one. But the good news for you - not every woman is looking for an alpha. Most of them are just trying to find a normal person,  nice man. So just try to be one! It's not hard and you'll never look ridiculous) And in the end you're telling me: "I'm old fashioned ". Hmm that's very nice! But have you any idea what does it mean?? The fact that your middle age crisis makes you ride bikes and curse every other word doesn't make you "old fashioned alpha")) so go back to Google and do some research... oh I forgot,  there was no Google in the old times))) Sorry sorry,  I'm not that bad as it seems!))... or I am?... am I??? PRIORITY UPDATE (I decided to give the names to updates😂 coz I'm sorry I just can't stop!) Recently I have a very dumb conversation with a male individual, children's owner, with a "very high  IQ" .... As I mentioned in my DISCLAIMER (you may know if you read), if you are with me, I SHOULD BE YOUR PRIORITY! No matter what! Now I realized  that I should set an edition for those who's IQ is not that high..lol. or too high to understand. What does it mean: I don't need you around me 24/7! (I realized, that alot the people are deadly afraid of that lol) Even sometimes I don't need you at all because I want to stay alone for a while and take a break after tough day. IT MEANS: (read that part carefully,  better twice, to avoid further questions) you should always be there when I NEED you! With no stupid or maybe even wise and convenient excuses or whatever. I should be able to count on you any time! Otherwise (and, be sure,  always and anyway) I will find another solution, way out for my situation, which you probably (even most likely) won't like. (As you are an alpha man and I will have to be an alpha woman 😂) and then... you... hmm remind me please,  why do I need you?? MUST READ: [ here I must say,  for those who didn't read entire text: I didn't ask for money,  jewelries, cars, castles,  islands,  private jets. Even didn't ask for the moon! And ,as I noticed by the reaction of some guys, I ask much more.  I ask for  impossible.......to be there for me....] So, once again) why do I need you? To clean up your mess? To be your +1 on your business meetings? To babysit your kids coz your ex somehow can't? Why the hell do I need you if I keep taking care of myself by myself anyway?? Guys) I'll probably gonna create a new blog of your epic quotes  lol Until then,  just ask me to send you some more) coz I'm afraid I'll be blocked here soon because of such a long description...) unfortunately I have a lot more updates  🤦‍♀️ AGE DIFFERENCE UPDATE You are 57. I'm 38. Ok. You texting me.  Ok. And even if I'm fine with that age difference coz somehow you're my type - what's going on next: You asking yourself  - why did she respond? Why she communicates? What does she want? She wants my money and greencart??? Then why the hell did you text me if you're so scared?? You knew that you're 57 from the beginning! Think twice next time before texting to any other girl under your age! Coz some of them have much more money than you can imagine and they might just really like you! But eventually you're acting just like a scared grandpa 🤦‍♀️ So. Ok. The last one UPDATE. I promise!) That is about all this CORONA / WAR shit. GUYS! I'M BAGGING YOU! PLEASE! Do you really still think that here on this website are a lot of dumb girls?! Or my real question is - ARE YOU DUMB? ? ? You can't or don't or not able or don't want to see or it's convenient to ignore obvious things? ? ! ! ! (choose the option that works for you) If you still think that traveling is impossible, then what the hell are you doing here on this website? [Now, for those who didn't read from the beginning - go back to the part about "me to entertain you, penpals and all that stuff"] Let me be your messiah! I'm sending pure blessing enlightenment! Just try to read sloooowly with hardly audible voice! For the better realization copy this part texted by capital letters and print it, put it on the walls of all over your house: BORDERS ARE OPENED! FLIGHTS ARE REGULAR! And your convenient excuse doesn't work! If you are stingy and want to stay single, get the hell out of this website! Stop disturbing those who is willing and doing traveling! Hopefully I'm done with updates here... or not 😂 See you in my blog (ask me for the link), coz you definitely love it reading about yourself, those obvious things that everyone knows but no one says out loud 😂